Having a broken denture can be a big problem. Dentures can be harmed in different ways such as force, chewing on something too hard or just weakening with wear. If you have a broken denture please get help immediately so that you can stop it from progressing further.

Why and When to Repair Dentures

One of the biggest reasons people will need to have their dentures repaired is due to a bad fit. This can cause the dentures to stretch and could lead to them cracking. If you have a bad fit and drop your dentures or just the normal action of eating can lead to your dentures breaking. An issue that tends to arise in Partial dentures is the metal clasps will become weak and break. Please seek immediate help if any of these problems arise.

How much do repairs cost?

Broken dentures will just get worse with time and it can affect more than just your health. With time the break with get worse and it will need more intensive repair, this will also increase the cost. It is best to go ahead and repair your dentures.