Over time the fit of your dentures may change as your gums and jawbones shift. At this time you should get your dentures relined.

What is a Soft Reline?

If you have sensitive gums you may not be able to wear Regular dentures. A good option for you is to have your dentures relined with a malleable material that can last for a few years before it should be replaced. This will help protect you from getting sores from Regular dentures. Another option to consider with your doctor is Implant retained dentures.

What is a Temporary Reline?

If you go for a while without getting a reline and your gums are swollen it will make it hard to get an accurate new mold. This could result in getting a new denture that is not the right fit and furthering the problem.

In this case, talk to your doctor about a temporary or palliative reline material. This will give your mouth time to heal. It will help your denture fit properly and it is not as hard as other material. This will allow your mouth to heal before you get a new denture in a few weeks.